All good intentions but no writing today! Sarah was complimentary about my new website yesterday and I had promised some time ago to refresh her site, and surely I could do it while I had a cup of tea and a bit of breakfast? It couldn't take more than a few minutes...

Started at 0630 and finished (without completing) at 1900. Having said that, I think it's looking and functioning okay. It's here -

Anybody else want theirs updated?  


After dinner and torturing the dog with a soft toy (what is your mind like?), we watched the most bizarre movie I've seen in a long time. Something for Vagabonds Cinema, perhaps. It's called The Lobster, and stars one of my favourite actors ; Colin Farrell. Rachel Weisz too!

Bloody weird, bloody funny and I loved it, even if the director did seem to have run out of ideas by the end.

What would I give to have written that screenplay? 


Another great day here at the end of the world. On to tomorrow!! 




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